Gaiavittoria stands out through the art of eliminating the unnecessary, creating timeless pieces that defy seasonal conventions and seamlessly integrate into every wardrobe to meet the needs of any situation, from the most sophisticated event to casual daily life.

The brand's philosophy focuses on capsule collections centered around menswear-inspired shirts that embody a lifestyle capable of combining comfort and practicality with a curated and minimalist aesthetic, capturing the essence of those who wear Gaiavittoria garments and highlighting their specific personalities and individualities.

Gaiavittoria's quest is reflected in meticulously crafted pieces that communicate a distinctive aesthetic code while ensuring practical wearability.

Wearing Gaiavittoria means expressing one's uniqueness with elegance, in any context.

Corporate Information

Gaiavittoria srl is a company organised and existing under the laws of Italy. Creative offices are in Milan. 


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Our manifesto

We believe that today less is more.

We believe focusing on our basic needs is more.

More quality.
More space.
More time.

Less consumption.
Less waste.
Less chaos.

We believe in timeless clothing, high-quality fabrics, sartorial design, sizeless pieces and local craftmanship.

We believe in the longevity of clothing.
A sartorial collection made from high-quality garments that will accompany our day to day
 - everyday.

We believe in the everyday. A sartorial collection that is timeless, transversal, combinable and wearable
 - everyday.

A sartorial collection that fits all sizes and shapes
- everyday. 

We believe in local craftmanship. A sartorial collection that is produced locally in Italy.
- everyday.

We believe in the everyday.